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    The Education Coordinator shall chair the Education Committee. 


    • The education committee shall include the chairperson and at least two other members of the College.  The chairperson shall nominate others members of the committee to the Executive committee for approval.

    • Once membership is confirmed, the chairperson shall notify the members of their approval and shall provide them with terms of reference.

    • The Presidential Officer of Education/Research will be the primary liaison for the presidential officers.


    Plans the educational program for the AGM.  This includes but not limited to:

    1. Guest speakers

    2. Accommodations for the meetings

    3. Arrangements for meals

    4. Special equipment (audiovisual, etc.)

    5. Registration procedures

    6. Advance publicity

    7. Arrangements for social functions associated with meetings

    8. Development and sponsorship of any satellite symposia around the AGM (in conjugation with an industry representative)