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General Conditions

The CCCP Education Award will be bestowed annually to provide support for an interested clinical pharmacist to pursue advanced academic training or certification through an established University program or Professional Organization.  This academic training may or may not lead to a formal degree or diploma certification, but must be an established, structured program.  In addition, the academic training program pursued must be in a pharmaceutical or health-related discipline and be complementary to the applicant’s professional growth.  Funding for the Education Award may be provided up to a total of $2,500/award, which will be based upon the funding required.


The CCCP Education Award program is designed to enable highly motivated CCCP members to seek advanced academic training or certification that will be complementary and serve to advance their clinical and/or research in pharmacy practice.  The academic training program chosen by the applicant pursued must be in a pharmaceutical or health-related discipline, formally structured and offered through a recognized university or professional organization; however, it is not necessary that this academic training program lead to a formal degree or diploma certification.  Examples of eligible programs include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree
  • Master’s degree in a health-related discipline
  • Board Certification in Pharmacotherapy (BCPS) as offered by the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties (BPS)
  • Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics Workshops from McMaster University (“How to Teach Evidence-Based Clinical Practice”, “Designing and Implementing Economic Evaluations of Medicines”, etc.)
  • Applied Pharmacokinetic Workshop from the University of Southern California

Ineligible programs for this award would include those that already provide a stipend for candidate support during the program, such as (but not limited to):

  • Pharmacy Practice Residencies
  • Post-PharmD Specialty Residencies
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships

The CCCP Education Award is dedicated to applicants seeking advanced academic training or certification in a health-related discipline and will be available for one applicant per year.

Criteria For Selection

Awards are made to the applicants deemed to be the “best” based on their submission and a review of the following selection criteria:

  1. Prior Pharmacy Education and Training

Applicants should have demonstrated initiative to achieve excellence in clinical pharmacy practice and research through their previous professional training and education.  Applicants who have already completed additional pharmacy education and training beyond the minimum required to enter practice (BScPhm) will be scored higher than those who have not. 

  1. Current Clinical Practice Description

Applicants should demonstrate evidence of initiative and achievement of excellence in their clinical pharmacy practice and/or practice-based research.  Applicants who demonstrate that they have shared their work with peers through journal publications, posters presentations and/or oral presentations will be scored higher than those who have not.  The curriculum vitae provided by the applicant may be utilized to augment the description provided.

  1. Statement of Purpose

A 1-2 page, double-spaced essay addressing the question, "How will completion of the planned program enhance my professional growth?"

  1. Letters of Support

Two letters of support must be submitted.  A peer or peer group familiar with your clinical practice and/or research should submit at least one letter – they must be capable of addressing how your completion of the planned study program will enhance your contributions to clinical pharmacy practice or research.  A supervisor or administrator should submit the second letter.

All applications submitted to CCCP will be the subject of review by a panel of 3 CCCP members headed by the CCCP Past-President.   CCCP requires that such reviews be carried out under conditions of confidentiality but cannot be held responsible for any breach of those conditions.

The CCCP Education Award will be provided with the understanding that the candidate will successfully complete the planned academic training or certification program and agrees to accept these general terms and conditions, as well as the specific terms and conditions of the award.

All offers must be accepted within 1 month and implemented within 12 months of the offer.  The candidate will agree to return any unused portion of the award after this time.  CCCP reserves the right to reject applications and to declare them ineligible.  The decision of CCCP is final.

Application Instructions

The original plus 3 complete copies of the application package must be received by CCCP on or before the deadline of November 1st of each calendar year.  Applicants may also submit the application via email and fax the signed application.  Applications that are incomplete or received after these deadlines will not be considered for the award by the review panel.  The application package consists of the following:

1. Completed application form
2. Curriculum Vitae

3. Clinical Practice Description

4. Statement of Purpose

5. Letters of Support

Not more than one application may be submitted per applicant for the same award each year.

Send all copies no later than November 1st to:

Dr. Glen J. Pearson, BScPhm, PharmD, FCSHP
Past-President, CCCP
University of Alberta, Division of Cardiology
2C2, Walter C. Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre
8440-112th Street
Edmonton, AB     T6G 2B7


The applicant must be a current member of CCCP and have been a member for at least two consecutive years.

Initiation of Awards

Awards are to be received on or before November 1st and the successful candidate(s) notified by December 1st.  The candidate must acknowledge receipt and acceptance of the offer in writing to CCCP.  The candidate must take up the offer within 12 months from the date of offer and failure to do so may result in its cancellation.

Conditions of Award

  • The awardee must complete and submit a short final report within 1 month upon completion of the academic training or certification program.

  • The awardee must notify CCCP immediately, should they terminate program for which the award was received, prior to its normal completion.