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Clinical Practitioner Mini-Sabbatical Grant

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General Information

The clinical practitioner/scientist mini-sabbatical grant provides support for a clinical pharmacist/scientist to spend time at a host institution under the supervision of or in collaboration with a preceptor/mentor of a chosen therapeutic area and/or research expertise.  The mini-sabbatical may be clinical or research focused, such that the clinical practitioner/scientist will have the opportunity to expand his/her clinical or research knowledge and/or skills in a particular therapeutic area.  Grant funding may be provided up to a total of $2,500/grant, based upon a proposed budget.

Address all correspondence to:
Charmaine Cooke BSc(Pharm), MSc candidate
Research Associate, College of Pharmacy, Dalhousie University
5968 College Street
Halifax, NS  B3H 3J5
Work:  (902) 494-1340

All applications should be typed or printed with no greater than 12 characters per inch (cpi) and should consist of the original plus three complete copies. Applicants may also submit the application via email. Not more than one application may be submitted per applicant for the same grant each year.


The CCCP mini-sabbatical grant program is designed to enable highly motivated CCCP members to seek advanced clinical practice or research training under the supervision of or in collaboration with a preceptor/mentor and expert in the therapeutic field chosen by the applicant.  This program is meant to support the individual for a visit at an institution of choice, but does not cover honorariums.  The applicant must demonstrate a high level of motivation and should either seek to further his/her current clinical/research knowledge and skills to a more advanced level or to implement a new clinical/research area in his/her institution.  The chosen preceptor/mentor is expected to have proven to be an expert and leader in the therapeutic area chosen by the applicant. By signing the grant , both preceptor and applicant consent to devoting the chosen time frame toward achieving the objectives outlined in the proposal.

The CCCP Clinical Practitioner/Scientist Mini-Sabbatical Grant is dedicated to applicants seeking advanced training in any therapeutic area and will be available for two applicants per year.


Grants are made to the applicants deemed best qualified on the evidence submitted. Decisions will be based on the rationale and justification for the mini-sabbatical; including, capacity of the applicant to utilize the learning and the potential impact of the visit to their current practice.

All applications submitted to CCCP will be the subject of review by a panel of 3 CCCP members headed by the CCCP Past-President.  CCCP requires that such reviews be carried out under conditions of confidentiality but cannot be held responsible for any breach of those conditions.

Grants are provided on the understanding that the candidate and the preceptor agree to accept these general terms and conditions as well as the specific terms and conditions of each grant.

All offers must be accepted within 1 month and implemented within 12 months of the offer.

CCCP reserves the right to reject applications and to declare them ineligible.  The decision of CCCP is final.


The original plus 3 complete copies of an application must reach CCCP on or before the deadline of December 1st of each calendar year.  Applicants may also submit the application via email and fax the signed application.  Applications that are incomplete or received after these deadlines will not be considered for the grant by the review panel.  Letters of support are required from the applicant’s employer/supervisor (if applicable) and from the mentor/preceptor that the applicant intends to work with.

The recipient of the grant will be required to present the results of their mini-sabbatical experience as an oral platform presentation at the CCCP Annual General Meeting. Complimentary registration to the CCCP meeting will be provided for the successful applicant.


The applicant must be a current member of CCCP and have been a member for at least two consecutive years.

Initiation of Grants

Grants are to be received on or before  December 1st and the successful candidate(s)  notified by  February 1st.  The candidate must acknowledge receipt and acceptance of the offer in writing to CCCP.  The candidate must take up the offer within 12 months from the date of offer and failure to do so may result in its cancellation.

The grant will be implemented following receipt of confirmation of the date of commencement of the mini-sabbatical.  Confirmation must also be provided by the preceptor/mentor.  Upon receipt of the confirmation, CCCP will implement the award by issuing a formal Notification of Grant to the awardee.  


The official Notification of Grant to the awardee will be accompanied by a cheque  of $2,500.00.   This stipend is meant to cover travel expenses for a visit at the receiving institution. The award does not cover honorariums.

Conditions of Award

  • The grantee must complete and submit a short final report within 1 month upon termination of the mini-sabbatical.

  • The grantee is expected to share his/her clinical or research findings with CCCP members at the annual meeting.

  • The grantee and mentor must notify CCCP immediately, should the fellow terminate the grant prior to its normal completion.